The Ever-Evolving Bucket List

Anything in life worth doing, is worth overdoing, moderation is for cowards.

  1. Visit 75 Countries.
  2. Perform a stand up set live.
  3. Experience being a jackaroo.
  4. Help someone in realising a life long dream.
  5. Train for and win a boxing fight.
  6. Get a sitcom produced on TV.
  7. Streak across a stadium.
  8. Win Best and Fairest in a footy team.
  9. Skydive from 20,000 ft.(NZ 06/19)
  10. Fly in a fighter jet.
  11. Party all night at the New Years Ball drop in New York.
  12. See the Chicago Bulls play at the United Centre.
  13. Get my first Tattoo.(Coolum 01/19)
  14. See an Alaskan wolf in the wild.
  15. Shoot a .50 Cal Rifle.
  16. See the stars at midnight in the middle of a desert.
  17. Go on tour with a major artist.
  18. Feed 5 families for Christmas.
  19. Get camera fixed and shoot a photo book of portraits and life, and publish an instagram account of my photos.
  20. Stay stone cold sober for an entire year.(Landsborough 01/01/20)
  21. Go on a cross country motorbike tour.
  22. Pat a raccoon.
  23. Watch the Pittsburgh Steelers play live and have Ben Roethlisberger throw a touchdown to me in the endzone.
  24. Create a business which improves the quality of human life.
  25. Find a career I find job satisfaction in, and enjoy each day.(Youth Work 2019).
  26. Take a road trip in a van.
  27. Meet Kevin Hart and discuss positivity.
  28. Run a marathon.(Melbourne 13/10/19)
  29. Write a Novel and publish it.
  30. Fly a helicopter.
  31. Build a computer.
  32. Watch a surgery live.
  33. Bungee jump over a volcano.
  34. Buy a muscle car.
  35. Go into space.
  36. Attend a massive college party.
  37. Don’t say a single word for a week.
  38. Hold a go-carts and drinks derby.
  39. Go hunting.
  40. Give a graduation speech.
  41. Meet Christopher Nolan to discuss cinematic genius.
  42. Help fund someone’s dream.
  43. Become bilingual.
  44. Go back to Western Australia and see my birthplace.
  45. Get a Mont Blanc Pen from the Ave de Champs Elysees in Paris.
  46. Learn to play the guitar.
  47. Write, create, and release an original album.
  48. Film a documentary about my life and project list.
  49. Write a script for a movie that is produced and shown in over 50 cinemas.
  50. Experience a white Christmas in deep snow, tobogganing etc.
  51. See a lion in the wild on a safari.
  52. Perform in front of 20,000 people.
  53. Meet Ben Roberts-Smith.
  54. Trek the Kokoda Trail.
  55. Study meditation at an Ashram.
  56. Track down and give thanks to the people that changed my life’s trajectory.
  57. Write an autobiography which gets on the New York Times best seller list.
  58. Meet Donald Glover and discuss art.
  59. Be interviewed on late night TV.
  60. Eat a cheat meal with The Rock.
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