Running a Marathon: Doing things that suck.

42.195kms or 26 miles 385yds, whichever way you slice it, that’s a very long distance for someone who hates(I realise hate is a strong word…I also believe it’s fitting in this case) running. I can’t remember the first decent sized run I ever did, but I doubt I liked it. There’s some things I’m naturallyContinue reading “Running a Marathon: Doing things that suck.”

Why does beginning something new, feel like pulling teeth?

I’m laying down in an awkward-as-hell position trying to stretch my back out as I simultaneously think why in the hell am I trying to start a blog too? It’s not like I haven’t got enough on my plate, I definitely do, and I’m also nowhere near the dizzying heights of unheard-of skill that IContinue reading “Why does beginning something new, feel like pulling teeth?”