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Jarrad Starlord (yep, that’s my legal last name), a guy who’s spent a decent amount of time traveling, a chunk of my life jumping around boring, soul-sucking jobs, and over a few years now in the challenging but overall rewarding career of youth work. I’ve been told a lot of times that I’m an old soul, that I should be less quiet and smile more, and also to shut up and stop laughing. Some of it is right, some isn’t, it’s just the timing.

I’ve played a handful of sports, most of which I’m decent at but not great, my endeavour gets me a lot further than my talent (or lack thereof) gets me.

Another love of mine is music and I am in the process of writing lyrics to an album which I’ve told myself I’ll finish for about 9 years on and off now.

Being an absolute fiend for films and their characters, as well as reading a lot of incredible biographies since I was thirteen years old sparked a passion for hearing people’s stories of how they came to be the person I meet at that moment.

But more than that, I’m an extremely curious person, if someone says they have to tell me something and they’ll tell me it later, that’s all I’ll think about between then and hearing it. I believe we’re very quick to put people into neat boxes of “sporty” “artsy” “finance girl/guy” and I’m desperately trying to get out of that habit and see people as a whole, rather than just a snapshot of their personality or hobbies. That is one of the many reasons I’m starting this website/blog/podcast/entertainment channel, etc, is to show the imperfections in us as people and our stories/ideas, that we don’t have to fit perfectly, be neat and correct all the time either. That we can learn from others growing too. Cause lord knows I’ve got a lot of learning to do too.

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